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GopherFest 2017 Talk: On Adopting Context in the NATS client

By: Waldemar Quevedo - Date: May 19, 2017

Last Monday, the 2017 edition of the GopherFest was held and we also gave a quick talk on how we added Context support to the NATS client, a feature which has been requested since around the time of the Go 1.7 release. As the context package now is part of Go, many more library authors are adopting it to support /cancellation propagation/ for blocking calls, making up for more readable code: Read More…

Guest Post: How Clarifai uses NATS and Kubernetes for their Machine Learning Platform

By: Jack Li - Date: March 8, 2017

Clarifai is a machine learning company which aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to the entire world. Our platform allows users to tap into powerful machine learning algorithms while abstracting away the technical minutiae of how the algorithms work and the infrastructure scaling problems of building AI applications from scratch. Some of the machine learning algorithms that we run for users can take a few seconds to several minutes to complete. Read More…

Guest Post - NATS as a Secure and Scalable control plane for Go, AWS, and Microsoft SQL Server based Microservices

By: Mark Songhurst - Date: January 24, 2017

Equine Register provides the government, industry and members of the public with bespoke digital tools and services that increase equine welfare and combat criminal activity. We are actively replacing legacy paper-based systems with smartphone and web delivered solutions which provide unequivocal information regarding the identity, history, health and ownership of an equine from it’s birth onwards. I am responsible for the design and implementation of the architecture providing our RESTful API, which needs to serve an array of different Clients and be capable of supporting new functionality with minimal delay and impact. Read More…