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Explore NATS Request Reply

NATS supports request reply messaging. In this tutorial you explore how to exchange point-to-point messages using NATS.



1. Start the NATS server.


2. Start two terminal sessions.

You will use these sessions to run the NATS request and reply clients.

3. Change to the examples directory.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nats-io/nats/examples

4. In one terminal, run the reply client listener.

go run nats-rply.go foo "this is my response"

You should see the message Receiver is listening, and that the NATS receiver client is listening on the “help.please” subject. The reply client acts as a receiver, listening for message requests. In NATS, the receiver is a subscriber.

5. In the other terminal, run the request client.

go run nats-req.go foo "request payload"

The NATS requestor client makes a request by sending the message “some message” on the “help.please” subject.

The NATS receiver client receives the message, formulates the reply (“OK, I CAN HELP!!!), and sends it to the inbox of the requester.