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Monitor and Debug NATS

It is easy to monitor the NATS server. When the monitoring port is enabled, the NATS server runs a lightweight web server on port 8222 with has several endpoints that return JSON objects.



1. In a terminal, CD to the NATS server directory.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nats-io/gnatsd

2. Start the NATS server with monitoring enabled.

gnatsd -m 8222

3. Verify that the NATS server starts with the HTTP monitor on port 8222.

[4528] 2015/08/19 20:09:58.572939 [INF] Starting gnatsd version 0.6.4
[4528] 2015/08/19 20:09:58.573007 [INF] Starting http monitor on port 8222
[4528] 2015/08/19 20:09:58.573071 [INF] Listening for client connections on
[4528] 2015/08/19 20:09:58.573090 [INF] gnatsd is ready

4. Explore the monitoring endpoints.

The endpoint http://localhost:8222/varz reports various general statistics. If you run a subscriber and refresh the endpoint, you see that the number of connections changes from 0 to 1.

The endpoint http://localhost:8222/connz show details about the connections. Launch a publisher and refresh the endpoint to see the statistics. The http://localhost:8222/varz shows the number of messages processed by the server.

Launch another subscriber and check out the http://localhost:8222/subscriptionsz endpoint. You’ll see that there are two subscribers. Publish more messages and monitor the results using the various endpoints. The http://localhost:8222/routez endpoint shows the current routes.