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Using NATS with Kubernetes

NATS and Kubernetes are extremely popular together. Both are cloud native systems designed to handle modern, distributed workloads. There are a variety of methods you can use to run NATS and Kubernetes - including many examples from the broader developer community. We are going to take a look at some of those below.

Running a NATS Cluster on top of Kubernetes

One of the core contributors to Kubernetes (Paolo Pires) has also been a long-time user and contributor to NATS. Thankfully, a lot of his work has made it easier to run NATS on Kubernetes. You can follow his excellent Readme, here to get going - just pay attention to the pre-requisites, and make sure you run the latest version(s) of NATS and Kubernetes.

Running NATS Streaming on a Kubernetes Cluster

There are several examples available with some nice tooling, one we’ve seen used recently is available here. This repo will allow you to run NATS Streaming on a Docker Image, and invoke Helm. It takes advantage of recent updates to NATS Streaming to provide Fault Tolerance via Shared Storage, and the Helm chart is quite straightforward.